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Having recently been fortunate to visit the Holy Land, walking where Jesus walked and preached the Gospels, the idea of pursuing Pope Francis’ call to evangelise in an invigorating and fresh way gave us the answer - we should bring the Holy Land to Fleet.  With the help of you all, this idea has become a reality in June 2016. 

We have used Art, Imagery, Music, Flowers and Planting to transform the church building inside and out, into scenes of the Holy Land - depicting both the New and Old Testaments.  

“In Jesus’ Steps” was our theme.  We wanted to reach out to bring the joy of the gospel to the people of Fleet and beyond, including schools in the pastoral area.  We thank you for your prayers that have made this such a successful event. 

Interview with David Parry on BBC Ulster Radio (Sunday 19th June 2016)